Innovation Performance Victory

Oakley Design Performance Products

Innovation Performance Victory

Racing is at the essence of Oakley Design. We relentlessly pursue the ultimate performance on the race track; which we directly transfer to our performance product programmes. Each R&D and test program ensures every component is designed to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Concept, design, development & realisation of our own unique performance products place Oakley Design at the forefront of Porsche performance products. Designed to offer exceptional performance; we are proud to be different. We redefine products by redesigning what is physically possible, to deliver the unexpected.


Products designed for an elite group of extreme individuals who seek performance with style. Performance Porsche’s are our passion, more than a mode of transport but an expression of who we are as people; an extension of our personalities: unique, aggressive, strong and powerful. Our aim is to become the mark of excellence and the solution to challenges facing those who cannot compromise on performance. We can help make each drive more enjoyable, more intense and less mundane, transforming your car from the ordinary into the extraordinary. It is our mission to exceed the performance requirements sought by our customers; both on the race track and safely on the road.


Winning is the ultimate trophy. Oakley Design is dedicated to the world of motor racing; it is at the heart & soul of all we do. The race track provides the ultimate testing environment ensuring our products perform under demanding conditions therefore ensuring piece of mind to you – the customer.

Fulfilment, achievement & triumph - winning is the only option.

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