Oakley Design 997 GT2 Breaks Cover

Oakley Design launches performance 997 GT2:

Porsche 997 GT2 - from Oakley Design

Following the success of the Oakley Design 997 GT3 & RS programme much of the ethos and research & development could be carried over to the approach of creating the ultimate drivers 997 GT2.


Oakley Design approach is to subdivide each area into project areas; such as:



The key to a creating a successful package is the understanding of the relationships between these areas; for example: Exhaust System design has a dependant relationship with the engine and any modifications to the engine require the correct capacity / design to extract the most performance. The engine is also related to the transmission and also to a lesser extent with the suspension, braking etc.


As such you can be confident that Oakley Design as carefully thought out the complete package which we tested & developed with partners and over many miles of road and track work– we are delighted with the result.


The proof of course is in the reaction of our clients and the media. Following this press release on the oakleydesign.eu web site we will be handing the car over to a number of journalists and media as well as allowing key customer to sample the finished product.


In addition Oakley Design will be showing the 997 GT2 at a number of key shows and events over the coming months. Please see our web site news section for further details.



Best Wishes,

The Oakley Design team.