Porsche RS Day

Porsche RS Day - Oulton Park

Oulton Park was the venue for the first dedicated Porsche track day of 2008. Approximately 60 Porsche cars were in attendance for this popular annual event. The Oakley Design 997 GT3 was again a large draw for all in attendance with significant interest in two new developments from Oakley Design; the RSR style titanium exhaust system and carbon fibre roof – both these caused quite a stir amongst the paddock!

Attendees to the event and guests of Oakley Design had opportunity to appreciate the Oakley Design 997 GT3 on the Oulton Park circuit with Oakley Designs test & development driver Jon Oakley.

Oulton Park is set in parkland with the Cheshire countryside. A narrow track compared to the usual grand prix circuits which features undulations, on and off camber corners of varying tightness and heavy braking areas; the circuit will soon show up any imperfections in chassis/car dynamics.

Early morning conditions were mixed presenting a cold greasy but drying track. Using the usual Pirelli P Zero Corsa’s Jon Oakley was soon setting quick laps on the challenging Oulton Park Circuit.

After a number of laps small adjustments were made to the dampers and tyre pressures.

On return to the pit lane Jon Oakley commented:

The car is ballistic round here! It is an easy car to drive as this circuit would quickly show up any imperfections in a car making hard work for the driver. I am able to carry much more speed through corners than the majority of cars out there, braking is superb and with such good balance I am able to get on the power early. I am really enjoying this!

Following the lunch break the track had dried sufficiently for Oakley Design to try the car on slicks for the first time. Following installation Jon made four laps to put some heat into the tyres before returning to the pit garage to check pressures with the appropriate grin from behind the helmet; this we guessed is a thumbs up.

Jon’s feedback was that we have basically developed a race for the road. The Oakley Design 4Way suspension plays a major role in providing a suppler, comfortable ride on the road than the OE suspension and with a few simple clicks at the track presents the owner with a cup car is disguise.

The way the car handled on slicks even took me by surprise” exclaimed Jon; “This is further testament to the ability of the Oakley Design 997 GT3 package

All those that experienced laps with Jon gave their unanimous approval to the ability of their experience in the Oakley Design 997 GT3.

To learn more about Oakley Design development programmes please visit www.oakleydesign.eu or 997 GT3 & RS programme call 0844 560 9147 reference performance products for your Porsche.