Porsche Supercup racers view of the Oakley GT3

Oakley Design 997 GT3 and a Porsche Supercup Racing Driver!

Porsche Supercup Racer Sean Edwards drives the Oakley Design 997 GT3 on Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit

Sean Edwards:

I have driven many Porsches and this is by far the best 997 road car I have ever driven. 

The front end was so good and the rear was playful on the limit and very predictable. After a few laps I came in and based on my feedback the Oakley engineers made an adjustment to the dampers with a few clicks, which settled the rear end nicely over the next couple of laps. I think we lapped in around 2:00min round the GP track, which for a road car is astonishingly quick! Even more so given the fact it is on road legal Pirelli tyres!

I also liked the sequential gear shift; especially for the down shift, it made life a lot easier. I can't find any fault with the car and look forward to driving it at different tracks in the future.

Great job Oakley Design!

Sean Edwards